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   NMEA Analyser (Incl. Demo for download)

 NMEA Analyser is designed for analyse of a wide range of NMEA messages, including GPS, Gyro, Log, Echosounder, VRU, ARPA.

 Data received from either

  • serial port  (ONLINE Mode)
  • TCP/IP     (ONLINE Mode)
  • UDP         (ONLINE Mode)
  • file            (OFFLINE Mode)

 Statistics for all parameters are calculated and time serie and scatter plot are produced.

 Up to 4 separate sensors can be analysed simultaneously. Statistics might also be selected to be calculated for the deviation between two sensors.

NEW! Version 3.00    Implemented UDP interface

            Version 2.00    Implemented all GNSS (GPS/SBAS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo), monitoring SNR from NMEA GSV message 

                                                     Implemented GST Message (GNSS Pseudo range noise and position error statistics)

 Screendump example : 1) Analysing Saab R3 (GGA)       2) Analysing Furuno SC60, GPS gyro (GGA & HDT)


 Example : Time series diagram, GGA


 Example : Time series diagram, HDT


 Example : Scatter plot



Download Demo

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Updated :21.02.2022